Deal or business structuring

We can help you evaluate the alternative business structures and recommend to you the most appropriate structure for your business deal and presence in Vietnam […]


We can assist you in familiarising with the licensing policies, requirements, procedures and best practices that suit your needs. We can work with the licensing […]

Tax planning

Proper tax planning contributes to sustainable successes. Tax planning that aligns with your business strategies and realities and adapt to changes are crucial to sustainable […]

Due Diligence

Due diligence involves the process of appraisal of a target business or business partner by examining whether that business or partner has the right fits […]

Search and selection

Choosing the right business partner or employees in a new market is critical. We can help you identify and assess your prospective business partners or […]

Financing and fund remittances

Vietnam has strict rules on foreign exchange control and financing a business or transactions in Vietnam, or repatriation of funds could encounter unexpected obstacles. We […]

Market Entry Intelligence

Doing business in Vietnam business effectively requires specific skills, knowledge, connections, and local sights with global mindset. Robust planning and quality decision making attribute directly…
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Business negotiation

Negotiating to win essentially requires specific skills and comprehensive knowledge of the environment in which your counterpart operates, and their culture, motives and agenda.  Leveraging…

Human capital

Recruiting and terminating personnel (both locals and expatriates) in Vietnam can be challenging in Vietnam. We can advise you the local labour rules, norms and […]

Corporate Tax

Modern business strategies must balance business objectives in a changing regulatory environment. Our Corporate Tax Services are designed to meet your corporate tax compliance and […]
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Tax Dispute Resolution and Controversy

The changing global economic environment and its impact on profits are increasing the tax pressure on companies. These are bringing in increasing connections between managing […]

Tax Process Improvement

Modern tax functions have increased significantly in recent years due to increasing regulation, corporate governance, transparency, and the scarce resources facing today’s corporate leadership.…

Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes in Vietnam include VAT, Special Sales Tax (SST) and customs duties.  These taxes can result in significant impacts on the supply chain and […]

International Tax

In cross-border environment, companies are often operating in an environment of intense scrutiny, challenge and constant changes. Transactions, inter-company pricing, supply chains, structuring and…
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Transaction Tax

Every transaction has tax implications, whether it is an acquisition, sale, refinancing, restructuring or initial public offering. Understanding and planning for these implications can mitigate…


In today’s global economy, moving goods cross-border can be complex and costly. More than ever, effective management of customs issues is crucial to maintaining competitive […]

Tax Advisory

A business will only maximise its potential if it is built on solid foundations for sustainable growth. At NNC, we believe that managing tax affairs […]